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Inca Trail Official Routes

Official Inca Trail's routes

This is the official list of the Inca road network leading to Machu Picchu and can only be transited with a permit issued by the government of Peru by the national institute of culture and through an accredited tour operator, not to be confused with roads alternatives to machu Picchu, these routes are busy only if a reservation is paid the Peruvian government, we are the only guide information handled these routes.

INCA TRAIL route 1.- km.82 (Picacucho) - Qusichaca - Huayllabamba - Pacaymayu - Wi˝aywayna - Machupicchu (by far the most popular route because the mobility features allow)

INCA TRAIL route 2.- km.88 (Qoriwayrachina) - Huayllabamba - Pacaymayu - Wi˝aywayna - Machupicchu (Up ahce few years the starting point of the famous Inca trail was the route Cusco Machupicchu place called km.88 (Qoriwayrachina)

Inca Trail Salkantay route 3 - Huayllabamba - Pacaymayu - Wi˝aywayna - Machupicchu.

INCA TRAIL ROUTE 4.- km.82 route (Picacucho) - km.88 (Qoriwayrachina) - Pacaymayu Under - km.104 (Chachabamba) - Wi˝aywayna - Machupicchu (Route which often enables the months of February when the most famous Inca trail is closed for maintenance)

INCA TRAIL route 5.- km.104 (Chachabamba) - Wi˝aywayna - Machupicchu (is the shortest route is used by walkers who often have little time walking the route in just 02 days)

Inca Trail Salkantay route 6 - Huayllabamba - km.88 (Qoriwayrachina) is the most beautiful routes and their acseso longest mountain is Salcantay.

*There are few companies that offer all the official routes, most offers route 01, route 03 and route 06, which are the most popular.

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