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» Peruvian government has introduced the new rule in 2004 (Resolution N° 02- 2003-UGM-CD). But government started to enforce all sections of this rule from 2005. New regulations imply that in a day maximum number of people enters to Inca trail can be 500. Of which only 150 are trekker, others are porter, cooks and guides. Another important feature of this rule is that all trekking companies that operate the Inca Trail must have an operating license which is issued every year in March. Also all the trekking companies have to be local, and have to have an office in Peru. ®


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« Important Note:

About Inca Trail To Machu picchu 2015. (most popular) »

» The spaces for the Classic Inca Trail are quickly reserved. If you’re considering on doing the Inca Trail to Machu picchu 2013, make sure that you can get previously the permission, on the contrary, you would have to postpone your  travel one more year, it is advisable in order to ensure your Inca Trail trek, you will  pay in advance for the permission and  then you can organize your trip to Cusco Peru.

The spaces for the Classic Inca Trail are rapidly being reserved.
(January 2015 to October 2015 are already booked)  If you are seriously considering doing the Inca Trail Trek to Machu Picchu, you must make up your mind as soon as possible to avoid the disappointment of not finding available spaces. At this moment, select your local tour operator, look for the Inca Trail availability spaces, the day, date and book your trek now.

As you are planning your trip, make sure to buy the spaces through your Inca Trail Operator; later you can organize your flights and the schedule tour.

» The Main operators ensure the permissions
with previous time and these are subject to the space availability published by the Government web site. These spaces are sold on a non-refundable and non transferable manner, in accordance with the new Inca Trail regulations. This measure also avoids the blocking of the spaces.

Everyday are sold only 500 Inca Trail permits
(150 for tourists and the remaining is for guides, porters and cooks who also require permits). Therefore it is very important to reserve your Inca trail space very previously. There is no rule on how long previous is enough. Sometimes a couple of months is enough to ensure your booking. But undoubtly during August, September and October there's no guarantee concerning the ensuring of your reservations, because the demand is sufficiently large.

. It is needed to make the reservation for the most popular program (02 days , 04 days or 07 days ) with a deposit of  USD$200 up to USD$ 250, in accordance with the tour operator that you choose.

You must send to your chosen operator, the next required information:

Full name:...............

Passport number:.......................

If you are a student, a scan of your ISIC (International Card Student), not exceeding 26 years old.

Recently, the government have become very strict and very annoying concerning its controls; very often they make it harder because of simple errors such as a mistake in the name or in the passport number, so please be careful about the given information and enjoy this fascinating Inca Trail trekking.


» Do you want to get at the Huayna Picchu mountain this 2015?  (300 Mts)

If you are interested to climb Wayna Picchu (the mountain at the back),  along your visit to Machu picchu, take into account that the regulations have changed  since August  from the present year (2015) and so, all permits are purchased in advance.
The Price to be paid for this trek is : s/12 Peruvian new Soles ($10 USD approximately).

The permissions are limeted to 400 persons to get at the Huayna picchu mountain.

» There are two shifts for entrance:

  • First shift:         7 a.m    (200 persons)
  • Second shift:   10 a.m  (200 persons)

So that all trekker must adjoin his name and passport number in the reservation request
. ¡¡Good Luck!!


Huayna Picchu Big Mountain


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